What We Do

The girls are assigned to a pod based on age. Each pod consists of an adult female facilitator, up to 10 girls, and 1 older/teenage mentor.

Pod Structure

  • Junior Butterflies:  9 – 11 years
  • Senior Butterflies:  12 – 14 years

Monthly Meetings

Each pod meets once a month where a topic from a ‘spiral curriculum’ is covered. The girls explore: The Changing Body, Reproductive Anatomy, Menstruation, Charting, Hygiene, Sex, Emotional Intelligence, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Body Image, Identity and much more. This is achieved through guided discussions, games, and interactive workshops. These topics are then revisited and cross over, with increasing detail and depth over the course of each programme.


Senior Circle (for young ladies aged 14 – 16 years old)

For girls who have previously completed at least 1 year of Butterflies and who are /or will be aged 14 – 16 years old during the Butterflies year. This is a consolidation of the Butterflies programme through a range of social, health and wellbeing workshops.


Online Discussion Board

The girls have access to the secure Butterflies Online Discussion Board where they can express their views, opinions, discuss, share and celebrate with their peers, on a safe online platform.



The girls receive a Butterflies Journal upon joining. Journaling is strongly encouraged either through writing or use of images.

The benefits of journaling:

  • Reduces Stress
  • Allows for self reflection
  • Boosts memory
  • Inspires creativity
  • Records ideas on the go
  • Helps to set and achieve goals
  • Improves writing and self expression



The girls gain valuable insights and learn from the personal experiences shared by the group Mentors whom they look up to, and come to regard as a ‘Big Sister’ role.

Our Mentoring programmes are an excellent way for the older girls to develop new skills, confidence, make a positive difference to the younger girls and add richness to their career or further educational pursuits by being awarded a Butterflies Certificate of Achievement* at the end. Mentors that meet the criteria will also be recommended for the Momentum Youth Award for Volunteering.


Our Mentors are drawn from existing members and/or from external applicants.


Creative Development

Butterflies produces a Quarterly Newsletter where the girls can gain the experience of becoming Editor for a 3 month term. All the girls are encouraged to write and submit articles, short stories, or showcase their art in the Newsletter. There is no obligation for the girls to do this, but the opportunity is there should they wish.


Menarche Celebrations

During the girls’ time with Butterflies, we will honour and celebrate their First Period (Menarche) with a Welcome to Womanhood hamper. This is done either openly within the group session or privately, if this is their preference.



Groups are led by a fully trained, Enhanced DBS checked, facilitator.




*terms apply.