Butterflies Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


How has COVID-19 affected Butterflies monthly meetings?

Butterflies have made the necessary changes to comply with regulations to continue physical meetings.


Where are the group sessions held?

Physical meetings are currently being held in a community space in Dereham, Norfolk.


How often do the girls meet up?

Physical Meetings – programmed sessions occur once per month. The girls receive new folder inserts after each session from the topic covered so they can continue their learning/discovery journey at home in-between sessions.


Online Hangouts – The girls have access to supervised ‘Online Hangouts’, where dilemmas are discussed and group games are played on a secure online platform.


How long do sessions last?

Programmed sessions last for 2hrs. On-line hangouts are a drop-in session which are an hour and half in duration.


Are the physical meetings ‘Drop-Off Sessions’?

Yes these sessions are drop off sessions but parents are welcomed to remain close by, certainly for the first session if their daughter is feeling apprehensive about a new group.


How long does the Butterflies programme last?

Girls sign up for an annual programme which runs from September to July, 11 months in total.


How much does it cost to become a member of Butterflies?

Membership can be paid annually, termly or monthly.

Annual Fee: £205

Termly Fees: £35 non refundable deposit to secure a girl’s place plus £56.70 per term (x3)

Monthly £35 non refundable deposit to secure a girl’s place plus £16 per month (x11)


What do the girls receive upon joining?

Each member will receive a Butterflies t-shirt, a folder and journal when they join.


What type of topics do you cover?

We cover a range of topics from, My Changing Body, Hormones, Reproductive Anatomy, Sex & Relationships, Identity, Body Image, Body Sovereignty and much more.


If you have any specific questions that have not been answered here, please get in touch: admin@mybutterflies.org or telephone 07951 369 376.