Butterflies is an organisation dedicated to hormone health and supporting females as they transition into and out of their fertile years. This is achieved through:


  • Puberty Support: Butterflies creates coming-of-age groups for girls aged 9–14 years old.


  • Menopause Support: Menopause workshops and 1-2-1 peri and post-menopause consultations for women. For further details please click here: Menopause Support


The aim of our coming-of-age groups is to support girls as they journey through the often challenging prepubescent and puberty years.


PUBERTY can be a scary and isolating time. There are many changes taking place physically, mentally and emotionally. Self esteem issues and strained relationships are all too familiar challenges during this period.

   “I get so annoyed!”   


          “Is it normal?”   
                “I feel so alone!”


“Should I tell anyone?”     


During your time with Butterflies, you will come to realise that these changes and feelings are often normal, and you are not alone.


Along this journey we explore and celebrate all aspects of what it is to be female.

  • We provide the girls with an understanding of reproductive anatomy.
  • We explore the physical and hormonal changes that are taking place, their purpose and their effects.
  • We assist the girls in exploring themselves, their relationships, their strengths, their areas for growth and development.
  • We aid the girls in seeing and tapping into their individual talents.
  • We help build confidence in who they are and how they express themselves.
  • The Butterflies culture promotes acceptance and camaraderie amongst its members; whilst on this journey, the girls form strong bonds with each other and long term friendships.


This all takes place within a safe and welcoming environment.

Come and see how we achieve this:  How We Do It



Butterflies also seeks to support its parents throughout their daughter’s journey; as the girls change, so does the parent-child relationship.

“A central challenge for parenting adolescents is the need to continually adapt caregiving practices to adolescents’ changing motivations and capabilities. In broad terms, beginning with puberty, adolescents are motivated to experiment with and expand their capacity to make autonomous decisions. The developmental shift toward increased experimentation and autonomy is [often] facilitated by a social reorientation toward peers and romantic partners.” National Institute of Health.


“Our relationship has changed and I don’t know how to get it back to how it was”


“She won’t talk to me”


“Evidence suggests increases in conflict and less warm interactions in relationships between parents and children during puberty”. American Psychological Association.  


“She’s grounded…… again!”


“What happened to my sweet little girl?”


“I can’t cope with her mood swings”


Workshops and Talks

Member parents will have access to a range of workshops and talks through our partner organisations, ranging from Managing Conflict, Dealing with Challenging Behaviour, Active Listening, to recognise Signs of Child Grooming, County Lines and more.


Online Meetings

Parents are invited to join regular online group meetings to discuss the programme, raise issues or concerns and support one another in a safe, blame free environment.


See some of the reasons why others have joined, and are joining Butterflies: 

Why Butterflies?


Whatever the concern, Butterflies and its partner organisations are here to support you and/or signpost you to the relevant services.