Butterflies Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

Butterflies was founded in 2019 by Nina, who is trained in counselling, has worked as a Looked After Children’s mentor, is a wellness advocate of herbal and traditional medicines, a qualified Holistic Therapist and a Home Educating parent. Prior to this Nina had worked for many years as a Consultant writing and delivering training programmes for organisations.

After studying anatomy, physiology and specialising in Women’s Health, Nina questioned how this might have changed her outlook on life and choices, had she been empowered with this knowledge as a teen. This gave birth to the concept of Butterflies.

Having discussed the idea with other parents it became apparent that there was an interest in this type of support which was external to the family unit and educational system. Nina was able to draw on the skills gained from her diverse background to design the Butterflies Programme. In 2019, the first Butterflies group was launched.

Due to the success of this programme, there has been increased interest from parents and young girls who would like to join a group in their local areas. To accommodate this demand Butterflies seeks to expand by recruiting and training more Facilitators and Mentors.