Book Review: Ruby Redfort – Look Into My Eyes

Book Title:

Ruby Redfort – Look Into My Eyes


Author’s Name:

Lauren Child



This book is about a 13 year old girl called Ruby who is a genius.  She has her own style especially when it comes to her looks, clothes and bedroom. Ruby wears t-shirts that say things like “Keep it Zipped” or “Bozo”. Ruby is recruited by a top secret spy agency called Spectrum and she becomes a Code Breaker… but will she stop the thief?

The main characters in the book are Ruby who is not a girly girl but can be if she has to, Clancy who is Ruby’s best and loyal friend, Hitch who is Ruby’s Butler (maybe??), and LB, the head of Spectrum.


I love this book because it’s an adventure, you get to find the clues with Ruby, learn new skills with Ruby and there are codes inside the book for you to crack along the way.


I would definitely recommend this book because although it’s a spy story and there are many tricky situations, it doesn’t have any gruesome deaths.


Rating – 1 (terrible) to 10 (excellent):

I would give this book 10 out of 10


Review written by:

Imogen, aged 10 years