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Getting Menarche Ready


Getting Menarche Ready


What is a Menarche?

Menarche (mi-NAR-kee) is the name for your daughter’s very first period.

When does it occur?
  • Menarche may occur anytime between 9yrs and 17yrs
    • Usually around 2 years after her breasts begin to develop.
    • Usually around 6 months to one year after vaginal fluid (white/yellow sticky mucus) is discharged from her vagina into her underwear.
How will I recognise it?
  • You may see spots of blood in your daughter’s panties (this may be brown or red).
  • Her first period may or may not be heavy, and in some cases can be considered spotting (spots of red or brown in her underwear).
How long will it last?
  • This varies from girl to girl and can be hereditary, but an average time is 3 to 7 days
How to manage the bleeding
  • There are a variety of sanitary products on the market and the selection is usually based on personal choice and convenience. However, if you would like non-inserted (not inside the vagina) and environmentally conscious products, Butterflies recommends re-usable cloth pads. Please see our recommended brands page:
How do I prepare for my daughter’s Menarche?

Once you suspect all the signs indicate that your daughter is due to start menstruating, you can prepare for it.


Carve out some time for just you and your daughter to go on a bonding day out with activities which will include a shopping trip to create a Menarche Ready Kit (MRK).

Buy an attractive pouch/purse/makeup bag/ to contain the following suggested items:

  • One re-usable sanitary pads or biodegradable disposable pad
  • One pretty menstrual leek proof panty
  • One flannel (or individually wrapped feminine hygiene wipe if preferred)
  • One plastic zip bag (food bag) for soiled pad/underwear


Make sure your daughter carries this with her whenever she leaves the house ensuring that she is always
Menarche Ready!






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